Supply Chain Solutions

Combining manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management processes, we provide a variety of options for effective scheduling and delivery.

Global Logistics

MRL can manufacture, assemble and distribute your completed products more quickly, at the lowest cost and with the highest quality ISO 9001:2008 certified standards.

Seamless product transfer, shipped directly from our factory floor to anywhere around the world.

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Industries overview

  • Aerospace and Aviation

    Aerospace. MRL manufactures precision machined components, assemblies, and
    shielding for a wide variety of aerospace applications, including the battery packs
    for the space shuttle.

    Aviation. Working with Tier-1 and OEM prime contractors for over 48 years, MRL has
    extensive experience with a wide range of aerospace materials, as well as the required stringent quality and delivery requirements.

  • Defense and Military

    Defense. As trusted partners to many major defense contractors, the shielding and launch system components MRL provides the defense industry are essential elements in missile and defense technology.

    Military. MRL is a prime vendor to the Navy, Army, and Department of Defense, supplying critical parts and assemblies in support of our nation's military readiness and excellence worldwide and at home.

  • Commercial and Medical

    Commercial. Have it made in the U.S.A.! From coffee shops to race cars, MRL has a part. We make the highest quality parts--at a very competitive cost--designed and manufactured according to your exact specifications. Full customer service is included at no extra charge.

    Medical. MRL provides the highest quality and precision medical equipment components to the medical industry, such as panels and enclosures for diagnostic equipment and surgical instrument cases and trays.

  • Wind and Alternative Energy

    Wind Power. MRL Industries supports Wind Power as a viable energy solution, making more than 4 dozen parts for windmills, delivering cost-effective manufacturing proposals geared to meet their most time-critical schedules.

    We also serve the renewable energy market, whether seeking to more effectively harness energy from the sun, wind, fuel cell or other innovative technologies.

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Attentive Service

Changes? No Problem.
Changes in design, delivery date or quantities are met in a spirit of flexibility and customer cooperation. We'll work with you to get it done. .
Dependable Delivery.
On time, when you need it, where you need it. Guaranteed. Our contract manufacturing services can easily handle both small and production runs with the highest quality and responsiveness.
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Involved with today's specialized world of fabrication and alloys, we fabricate from a complete spectrum of tempers and materials. If your process requires DFARS approved material, we are in 100% compliance. All of our finished parts are shipped with complete certifications based on ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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