Luck is not the main, but an additional element of a successful game. The key points are still the mathematics of poker, psychological stability and the ability to read the opponent’s hands. But there is a period in the game when luck takes over everything.
If you play at the table, and there is a player who is constantly lucky, then be sure that he has an upstream period. And whatever you do, whatever you enter the game, most likely, on showdown, his hand will be better than yours. How to play against him?
The rules of the game with a lucky player
There are a number of basic recommendations to follow:
1. Play without deviating from the basic strategy.
2. Respect the lucky player raises.
3. Do not let emotions take over the mind.
4. If you are not sure of the strength of your hand, then it is better to send it to pass.
5. Wait until luck stops.
I propose to consider in more detail each item.
Play without deviating from the basic strategy
No need to change your strategy. Keep playing the same way you played. It will not be as easy as it seems at first glance. After all, your opponent will constantly put pressure on you.
But you need to focus and continue the game collected. Do not expand the range of their hands and do not go into the game more often. This may entail unpleasant consequences.
Respect the lucky player raises
Be very careful about the aggression of a player who has an upstream period. He will constantly 3-bet you, and you will receive raises from him on your raises. There will be a feeling that the opponent is constantly bluffing. But do not forget about the previous recommendation – do not change your poker strategy.
Do not let emotions take over the mind
In other words – do not allow yourself to tilt. When playing with a lucky opponent, you will be under very strong psychological pressure. If the first alarm bell has been triggered (you start entering the game more often, you fold less to 3-bets, or you begin to think that you are constantly bluffing against), the best solution would be to take a break in the game.
Wait until luck stops
As it was already stipulated earlier, each period of the upstream will end sooner or later. Therefore, you just have to wait for it to end. And while it continues, work on the quality of your game and play the distance. The less you lose now, the greater will be your profit over the distance.